Fake calls from Tikona Internet Service

Fake calls from Tikona Internet Service

Oct 29, 2013

Dear sir, I am getting some fake calls from Tikona Broad Band service from delhi and they are telling that they are going to filling a case on me with in one hour and they are telling one of the company manager told them to file a case on me. this is ridiculous because i already paid my bill in 2012. I called to the customer care and this is a complete a fake company and there response is very improper and they are not bothering about people. How dare the fake people are telling that they are lawyers and still they are daring to talk with the people. The number are that i received calls are from 011 48484650. please take action on tikona service and the company is totally fake and ridiculous.

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  1. The Tikona people or their representatives are just trying to act smart. Tell them to file the matter in the court… but make sure you have proper evidence of the broadband services disconnected by you.

    If this nuisance continues, you also have complete legal right to take legal action in a consumer court or even in civil court, you can get a stay order/injunction against any such nuisance.

  2. Sandeep /

    Hi I saw your comment can you please let me know whether you paid that amount of still it is stuck, I want to know if there ant procedure to file a complaint against Tikona ?

    Please send me your contact number to my email ID: sandeep_kjaiswal@yahoo.co.in

    I really wana talk to you. Tikona sucks with their poor service and poor support.

    • swastika /

      Hello I recently recieved such a call from tikona. Someone claiming to call from tees hazari court delhi. Tikona sent me a wrong bill for which i have disputer. its not a matter of rupees 1000 which i can pay anytime. but matter of principles. Tikona cannot call me on my phone and fake a call impersonate. Please note some person called me to say they are filing a case .. hahahahah very funny. I will see this through. Please support me because i have my friends in delhi who are cops . I will make sure tikona stops such calls.

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