Complaint against a company for not giving salary

Complaint against a company for not giving salary

Feb 21, 2013

Hello sir, I was working in a company located at chanapora srinagar. i was working there for almost 2 months which included training and after that i was on paid role and i attend the office for 22 days but on 23rd day due to some reason i was not able to attend the office and i informed my team leader about this n after sometime they sent me the termination letter in my e-mail and after some days i went to office i went to the office to get my salary but now they are refusing to give me any kind of salary plz help me in this matter its really very urgent. My number is :+9188039385**

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  1. Hi All
    There are salary issues in this company. Company has not paid for many employees giving many reasons and threatening them like if they take any step against they will spoil the career / will not get any Job . In spite of that an employee has appealed for a legal case at Deputy Commissioner of Labour, Coimbatore against the company. Very pathetic to see US MNC –IT company not paying its employees after getting its job done

    • I am working in LOYOLA ACADEMY Secunderabad. They are not paying salaries on time. Principal of Loyola Academy Father Casimir is a fraud with many court cases pending against him is holding back the salaries of almost 250 employees. Not even a single person is ready to agitate.

  2. Sandu /

    Hi Sir,
    I have worked in Bangalore Technology Company for 2 months. After 2 months they suddenly said they are relieving me from organisation. I asked the reason and they replied in rude manner which is not acceptable.

    I requested to do the final settlement, But they refused to pay for that 2 months and also not issuing the relieving letter at least.

  3. shonam /

    I had worked in big value wellness company in 1 mnth as a promoter bt they did’nt gve me salary .when i call him they always make excuses that aftr 3 days will come or boss going to meting .they gave me salary on 10 june bt still nt gve me pls help me

  4. Dharmendra Kishore /

    Company Name: Technologies India Ltd, Noida

    I send My Resignation Letter to
    CMD & HR

    Respected Sir,

    Good Day to you!
    i joined technologies india ltd with great enthusiasm and it has been a very good learning experience so far to work up close to you all. i with truly heart feel elated to get such an opportunity with you have given me to work with you.

    i wish i could have continued this relationship for a longer period, but with a very heavy heart i would like to resign from my services as PHP Developer from technologies india ltd effect from today 12th june 2014.

    As discuss with Mr. Pradeep sajaan and Mr. Pradeep singh he will clear all my dues that is pending full salary of 2 months(April and May) within a time period and march month 1000 TDS tax.
    And Please give me My Experience Letter as soon as Possible.
    I am looking forward for your advice and guidance in future too.
    I wish all the luck of my technologies india ltd family for its future for its future endeavor.
    I request the HR Department to issue reliving letter

    Thanks & Regards

    and company HR send me revert mail in my Email ID.

    Dear Dharmendra Kishore

    We have received your Resignation letter from service to Technologies ltd.
    Will Talk to senior authority for the same and will revert and relive you in another one week .

    Thanks & Regards
    HR Manager

    What I will take any action. Because Company CMD do not want to gives me Full and Final Salary.

    Thanks with Regards
    Ph: +919311201908

  5. Hey Sir,
    Myself shraddha dubey from mumbai. I was working with tours and Travels company as ticketing executive and last 2 months onwards his not paying me salary i called mu boss a several time but no response from his side really now am getting damn fed up now bot even I am also not gonna leave him please help me ans support me


  6. yasin /

    dear sir
    I working a gcomunication l.m.t. bt they are terminated me before 1 mnt ago.and they hold my salary.pls help me


    Dear Sir
    My sales manager is forced me to resign from job.With his instruct i resigned the job. Before i go out my boss has to take my exit approval. Even none of the HR people are confirmed me about my resignation. Now they are asking me that you have not served notice period we cant clear ur final settlement and my 7000+ incentive of 40 lakh disb in previous month.My college Mr Gopal kittur amd Gnaneshwar kandi also resign in same fassion they also didnt got their reliving letter and final settlement even i esclate this complaint to management level they are not responding.

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